PhotoGuru Usage

The original jpeg image, downloaded from digital camera!
Filename: ourbaby.jpg

You can download original jpeg (1.290.989 bytes).
Step 1
> jpegmerge -djpeg -i:ourbaby.jpg -o:ourbaby.bmp
Created ourbaby.bmp

You currently not seen diference the original jpeg and decompressed bmp.

Step 2
You need load the bmp to paint program.
You can draw over everithing, you can write any text, you can correct "red eye", etc.
BUT, you can't apply any filter globally, because this effect modifing the entrie picture.

The modified bitmap. We add a sample text.

Step 3
> jpegmerge -merge -i:ourbaby.jpg -m:ourbaby.bmp -o:ourbaby_merged.jpg
Created ourbaby_merged.jpg

You can download merged jpeg (1.432.139 bytes).
A ourbaby_merged.jpg only changed in the needed space (16x16 pixels blocks).
The final jpeg containts all EXIF informaton.